The Importance of Educating Our Boys in The Fight for Gender Equality

A group of school children in Ghana

Our brains establish our social values, behaviours and beliefs from an early age, and it’s hard for adults to stray from the social culture they have been immersed in their whole lives. The older a person becomes, the harder it is for them to accept a new idea or belief that contradicts something they have […]

Working with Facilitators: Helping Children

A child writing

For more than three years now, we have been working with school children on a weekly basis and have identified some significant challenges that they face in their settings. In 2022, we launched a series of educational workshops on these specific topics in schools. We focus on raising awareness and knowledge about rights, substance abuse, […]

The School Supplies project – why so important?

A child learning

Learning is an intangible process, the diffusion of information and understanding from knowledgeable, patient teachers to engaged and enthusiastic students. This is the learning environment that Homeland Ghana strives for – by providing training and workshops in order to maximise teachers’ capabilities and understanding of student needs while minimising other stressors and challenges in children’s […]