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Reimagining Basic Education in Northern Ghana

Our founder, Rhoda Agilinko, arrived in the UK when she was eight years old. She returned to Ghana eleven years later to visit community schools and distribute supplies to students in the Upper East Region. At the same time, she found that children and youth in education continue to suffer some of the worst outcomes.

Homeland Ghana Educational Foundation was established at that time, and since then, it has provided schools and students with training and resources to improve how Ghanaian children learn and perform at the basic level of education.


We are passionate about creating a future where every Ghanaian child can receive a good education regardless of their family’s income level.


Our vision is to keep every child in school and learning well.

Our People

 CEO & Partner

ED Planning and Development

Farouk Yabuku

Volunteer, Programs Coordinator

HLG Facilitator


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