So Homeland Ghana was granted an interview at the biggest radio station (Radio Builsa) in the Upper East region on April 30th. It was so amazing, that’s the only word that the Executive Director Rhoda Agilinko could use to explain how it went and how it felt showcasing Homeland Ghana in that way. Homeland Ghana to the world or what? The full interview will be out on as soon as we get the full recording.



Charitable donations


Over the past week, Homeland Ghana inspected the state of the Kindergarten section of the school and came to the conclusion that this section of the school would also require the organisation’s help. Below are snippets of what Homeland Ghana witnessed.




Homeland Ghana is currently helping to renovate the chalkboards of the Primary and JHS in Siniensi. Thank you to all who have donated so far and we hope to continue to receive your support. Up to date, we have renovated 11 chalkboards in the entire school and are left with three more classrooms to go.