“School Aid” sends educational resources and materials (pencils, pens, calculators, and book bags) to schools in need. We collect all these materials in the UK from charities, schools and individual donors. These resources are given to one school over a period of two years to better measure the level of success the project has been. For the moment, it is our founder who collects, sorts and packs the boxes for the schools before they are shipped out. We provide this service with the help of people like you who give us donations and sponsor our transportation and shipping.


Out of school clubs form part of the Homeland Ghana’s extended schools agenda and includes afterschool clubs and breakfast clubs. These are designed to help parents balance family and work commitments, whilst providing young people study support and offering them a broad range of experiences and interests that extend beyond the schools’ curriculum.

  1. The “Breakfast Club” is an initiative for students to eat a healthy breakfast in a safe environment before their first class of the school day. This initiative is intended to improve both academic performance and behaviour especially for students whose parents are not able to provide them with regular school meals. This initiative will run three times out of the school week and will support a local catering business in doing so.

  2. Our “After School Clubs” run from the end of the school day every Tuesday until 4 pm. We provide a wide range of activities (football, dance, art and homework support sessions) as well as offering a variety of healthy snacks to eat.



Homeland Ghana is interested in setting up and running a small library in the town centre of Sandema. As an organization, we want to be in a position to nurture the development of children’s and adults’ love of books while encouraging them to read. This, in turn, will help improve their literacy skills, which we hope they will enjoy, retain, and share. Homeland Ghana believes that people need information to educate themselves and develop their true potential, and for this, they need literacy and research skills, as well as access to books.


Homeland Ghana supports the Step Through Empowerment Programme Network (STEP) in Ghana. STEP is a non-governmental organization engaged in youth training in leadership and is run by secondary school teacher Francis Agilinko. STEP believes that the bane of development in Africa and for that matter Ghana is leadership. Its target population is secondary school students and church youth. STEP hopes to instil in them a sense of responsibility to duty, truthfulness, and commitment to whatever they find themselves doing. In the month of July, STEP organized its first training seminar and about 56 student leaders were in attendance.

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