Our Leadership


Rhoda Agilinko, a Politics and International Relations graduate, an aspiring lawyer and philanthropist has launched the “Homeland Ghana Project” in Sandema in the Upper East region of Ghana. Her interest in humanitarian work can be traced to her upbringing and interest in issues about fairness, justice, and equality in Ghana where she was born and brought up before she came to the United Kingdom at the age of 8. Rhoda sees the potential Ghana has to be a leader in the continent of Africa and wants to be a part of that change.


Front-end Developer / Founder of Agilinko Digital Solutions

Caleb Agilinko is a Computer Science graduate with excellent skills in website development and design. He has been doing freelance website and software design and development for over two years. The Homeland Ghana logo and other designs featured here on this website were created by him.

Website: http://www.agilinko-digital.com/

Homeland Ghana uses images from the following photographer.

Nathaniel Osei Hyiamang – Photographer / Founder of Hyiamang Images 

Nathaniel Hyiamang is a BSc. Mechanical Engineering Graduate from Ghana, Kumasi. Nathaniel is the founder of Hyiamang images and has worked at various events and programs in Ghana including concerts and graduations. Homeland Ghana is happy to have him on board.

Phone: +233553176738 | +233262371939

Facebook: @hyiamang.images