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I recently read a very interesting article in the Huffington Post. It contained some disturbing figures about literacy in the world. 774 people in the world are illiterate. What? That is a staggering number and a great shame. This suggests that the world can prove to be a very small place for someone who can’t read. Basic signage, medication labels, job applications can all become inaccessible and the chances of a healthy and productive life greatly limited.

Literacy and the development of skills through reading are at the heart of what Homeland Ghana does in the Upper East region of Ghana. Tackling poor literacy can open up a world of opportunities especially for the young students we support. We believe that literacy is a critical issue we should be looking at as those interested in social development but less attention is paid to it. It demands a lot of our attention certainly. Without it, opportunities are very limited.

Literacy (as part of basic education) was recognized as a basic human right over 50 years ago, in the Universal Declaration of Human Right and yet it is estimated that today, young people are more likely to be literate than their parents. What do you think of this? Join the conversation in the comments below. 

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