Homeland Ghana Educational Foundation’s work is to realize the vision, “every child in school and, learning very well.”

Did you know?

For each thing you buy from our online store, we give:

Six (6) months supply of sanitary pads to school going young ladies in the Upper East district of Ghana. We urge all customers to contribute towards a greater cause for underprivileged girls. We all know how expensive these things are and the problems our young ladies are confronted with in this regard. Many devastated young ladies miss school because of this issue and so this campaign is aimed at keeping our young ladies in school by limiting the interferences to their learning owing to their month to month period.

I had lived and worked among school children aged between 12-20 for eight months. It was through my close interactions with many of the students that I learned that a considerable number of schoolgirls substitute the utilization of sanitary pads for paper or only a towel or tissue. As a last resort, many miss school for many days. If we can encourage the distribution of free condoms why not free pads also? Right?

Another task Homeland Ghana can accomplish through the sales from our online shop is the remodeling works (flooring, broken doors and windows etc) at the Siniensi Primary and Junior High School. We believe that an enabling environment plays a key role in supporting young people’s learning and development. Be a part of this vision to see young Ghanaians succeed and live out their dreams.

Rhoda Agilinko (Executive Director)

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