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I had the privilege of speaking to a large group of young Junior High students at the Excellent Youth Breed Programme. The Excellent Youth Breed Project is an initiative by Pastor Joy Vitus of the Great Commissions Exploits Ministry in Sandema. Pastor Vitus sees the need for empowering, encouraging and motivating young people to do well in all areas of their lives. When I was invited to talk to these young people on the subject of “building your future today,” I immediately knew the tips that I I needed to impart to them. I spoke to them on these main tips for my personal success.

1. Don’t compare – Our lives are our very own. I truly believe that if we were supposed to be anyone else, look or talk like anyone else, God would have made it so. However, I still find myself comparing most things about myself to other people. In a world where almost everything is “luck like” and ” relatively unfair,” we are never really satisfied with being ourselves, not knowing that if we were ever to throw all our flaws and troubles in a pile with other people, they would trade their lives for ours in a heartbeat.

2. Don’t get complacent – Honestly, sometimes I can get comfortable and just let time pass me by for no good reason. Admit it, you are just like me. I get complacent when I think I have done enough to get me by until another time. When I was in secondary school that was my attitude. I would never do more than I needed to do to get good grades and so I always had teachers tell my parents “Rhoda has the potential to do so much better than she is doing but she just won’t commit to doing so.” As I have grown up, I have come to realize that complacency is simply “settling for less than I can attain” and I have also learnt that if I am complacent about the things I want in life, I cannot complain about what I end up getting.

3. Be nice to everyone even on your way up – The world is a very small place but sometimes we forget that. I always do the best I can and treat people nicely because I believe in karma. At some point in life, we all need each others help and so we must treat each other with respect.

4. Aim to be the most capable and not the most visible – In the age of social media, we like for others to see us for what often times we are not. We post comments, videos, and pictures on social media that are not truly who we are. I believe that we should all commit to letting our work and our character to speak for themselves.


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