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Question: How do I set my brand apart from everyone else? 

Newsflash: You are you. It has been done before but never by you. 

I Rhoda Agilinko am not the first or the last by any means to start a non-profit organization. There are needs and problems everywhere and many people out in the world ready to be of help and find solutions. Homeland Ghana came about because I strongly believe that knowledge is power and that education changes lives and fortunes. I look at my parents, especially my father sometimes and I am completely convinced that through education anything is possible. 

As a matter of fact, there is a particular organization that I find myself comparing my own with all the time. I had started out with every intention to imitate this other brand because I saw that whatever it was that they were doing was working. When I realized that doing what that brand was doing was not giving me the same results, I realized that you have to be resilient about the things you want in life. Never mind if you are “unqualified.” Work harder. Work longer, faster and be there before anyone else. “Talented people” usually show up late (go figure) and sometimes things just need to get done. Self-discipline will give you results, consistency will give you results. In other words, what you focus on will grow.


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When I asked God to show me my purpose, this is what he revealed to me.

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