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Name: Azong Mercy Akanjogboka
An aspiration for the Future: Journalist

Difficulties I face at school:

Library because I want to read storybooks that will enhance my knowledge about a world beyond my village in Siniensi

Subject Textbooks because without it we have to copy the teacher’s notes straight from the chalkboards even if we don’t understand them

Computer Laboratory because we will like to access the internet and other applications in order to learn better.

Difficulties I face outside of the school (at home and in the community):

Early Child Marriage: This is a situation whereby some parents force young girls (sometimes boys) into arranged marriages. When this happens, the child is then more likely to become a school dropout.

Broken homes: This is a situation whereby parents are not together and often the children do not get as much care and attention as they would need.

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When I asked God to show me my purpose, this is what he revealed to me.

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