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Name: Achaligabey Janice Abisitemi
Age: 17
An aspiration for the future: Lawyer

Difficulties I face in school:

Lack of computer laboratory. I think that one is needed for us as students to be able to browse the internet to be able to access information for and about our education which will improve our learning overall.

Difficulties I face outside of the school (at home and in the community):

Shortage of water and as a result of this, we travel long distances and from place to place in search of water for our households. This takes us away from studying when we want to.

Three ways Homeland Ghana can help me is:

By providing my school with a computer laboratory

By providing my school with teaching and learning materials such as class textbooks, storybooks, and school stationaries.

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When I asked God to show me my purpose, this is what he revealed to me.

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