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Name: Avadin Isaac
Age: 18
An aspiration for the future: Bank Manager

DiFFculties I Face at school:

I Find it difficult to learn at school because of the teaching techniques of the teachers and also the lack of teaching materials such as class textbooks for all our subjects 

DiFFiculties I Face outside of the school (at home and in the community)

I come from a broken home and so I don’t always get the care and attention of my parents that I would like. If I did, I think I would want to do extremely well in school for their sake.

Three ways Homeland Ghana can help me is by:
1. Support to provide the basic needs at Siniesi Primary and JHS
2. Computer Laboratory to enhance learning and our knowledge about technology
3. Sex education programs and activities to encourage us to focus on our education first and foremost.


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When I asked God to show me my purpose, this is what he revealed to me.

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