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Name: Ayaribil Angela
Age: 15
An aspiration for the Future: Medical Doctor

DiFFiculties I face at school:
1. Lack of textbooks: The school doesn’t have enough subject textbooks for us and sometimes we don’t even have enough to share amongst the class.
2. Deteriorating desks and chairs in our classrooms.

Difficulties I face outside of the school (at home and in the community):

1. Lack water in that our communities need¬†more water sites so we don’t have travel long distances to fetch water for our households.

2. We don’t have enough to do around here as young people and so often we have to travel to the bigger towns and that all costs too much money. We should have a youth space we can call our own and have other envying. Village life shouldn’t have to be so boring all the time.


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When I asked God to show me my purpose, this is what he revealed to me.

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