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In the previous week, I have made a few visits to the Siniensi Primary and Junior High School in the Upper East region. Amid the meetings I had with the departmental heads of the school, I asked what their most pressing needs concerning the school and students were. In favour of the Primary school, the headmaster was most concerned with the environment in which the students were learning in. When I observed the Primary school, I totally agreed with him. In my observation, about 90% of the windows to the 9 classes were damaged, most classrooms had the doors missing or totally loose from the doorframe and all the classroom boards were broken and hard to write on. To be completely honest with you, I had not exactly come to Ghana with the goal of the renovating the physical appearance of the school in anyway. In any case, it at that point occurred to me, my goals and thoughts for the advancement of the school were rendered futile unless this issue was dealt with. Indeed, there is no definitive factor to explain underachievement in the school I’m working with. For instance, family life and even the students own capacity to learn and retain information fuel the problem. In any case, I surmise that the way a school looks plays a critical part in empowering or demoralizing students hunger for information. With all that being said, I changed my plans and chose to go up against the overwhelming assignment of renovating the Primary school. It gives me incredible delight to realize that I am in a position to have the capacity to do this for my own people. In accordance with a speech the President of Ghana made in a national address in 2017, I believe that each Ghanaian child ought to be comfortable in the knowledge that when they buckle down and work hard, they will be as competent as any other individual in the world. This belief is at the center of all that Homeland Ghana tries to so.

Also, to help the JHS side of the school, Homeland Ghana is to give 135 course textbooks in each subject area of Science, English Language and Literature, Mathematics and Social Studies. This course of action is to neutralise the absence of reading material accessible for teaching these vital subjects. In the department of Social Studies, I was told by the course teacher that they possess the only reading material for teaching a total of 135 students. Quickly after I had left that meeting, I went to a book shop in the closest town to check the costs of the books and would you be able to believe that one of that course book costs 30GHC, the equivalent of 3 British pounds. Unbelievable right?

*The work to renovate the school begins this Friday(20/01/2018) and pictures and videos will be made a available to view on this website and also on our social media pages. If you have never donated to Homeland Ghana or you are thinking of doing so, please do so sooner rather than later. For the renovation of the Primary school and our other projects, we need all the help we can get. There is no time like now to donate and support a good cause.

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