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Feeling: Very Anxious

My experience so far has been one of lessons learned and things lost. I have come to understand that the best laid plans can likewise fizzle and not happen. Before returning home to Ghana, I had an entire group of thoughts on the most proficient method to have any kind of impact and roll out some huge improvements in the places I was to go and I was at that time completely convinced that I would get things done as effortlessly and successfully as could be expected under the circumstances. I think what I am endeavoring to say is that sometimes things can look so easy from afar and so possible to achieve but prove extremely difficult to achieve when the time calls for it. If I have to be honest, I have over the last few weeks suffered with insecurities about whether I match up to the task at hand.

There are a considerable number of rules to play by here in the Upper East district of Ghana; meet this individual, get some help from that individual, offer a gift to this individual for their time. I am learning about persistence and patience all at once. I have needed to remind myself on a number of occasions that I am in charge and that everything that I have done as yet has driven me here doing what I say is a important to me and I’d need to give it my all if I am to see things thrive and blossom. I truly believe that when life has been good to us, we must pass our blessings forward and as I have the right intentions, I must be patient and take my time to make sure that this moment here counts for all my hard efforts beforehand. To anyone like myself, be patient because all that you touch will blossom in due time.

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When I asked God to show me my purpose, this is what he revealed to me.

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