You won’t Kill A Giant Everyday

Today was not a good day. We all have those days, regardless of whether it be that you’ve suffered a major defeat and don’t figure you can stomach another one or a case whereby we do so well one day and so badly the next. Our days will be filled with victories and defeats. There is yet time to accept this because it is a fact of life.

It was a major transitional point in my life, and nothing seemed to be going the way I wanted it to. These times I cried and couldn’t even begin to smile much less laugh. I was having a hard time maintaining my joy. Even today, being joyful is as much a struggle for me as it may be for you. So when I talk about life, I’m not doing so from the perspective of a generally upbeat person who has never had a bad day. Proverbs 15:15 says, “When a man is gloomy, everything seems to go wrong: when he is cheerful, everything seems right.” Our moods can affect our outlook on life. When we are feeling down, it can seem like nothing is going right and everyone around us is an irritant. When we are cheerful, almost nothing can bother us.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that an existence without misery isn’t an existence by any means. An existence without torment, an existence without a little inconvenience, an existence without disappointment and brokenness and figuring out the fact that it is so difficult to lose somebody or something—without this, we never understand the value of what we have.

Without tumbling down, we never figure out how to be watchful and keen. Without getting our hearts broken, we never figure out the fact that it is so wonderful to genuinely become hopelessly enamoured. Without saying farewell, we never truly treasure the people, energies and gifts around us. Additionally, it’s the hardest times that remind us to underestimate nothing, and show us our true strength.

So don’t lose yourself over a terrible day. Try not to abhor yourself, or your life, since things aren’t going right. Try not to lose perspective.

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  1. Great piece full of grace and reality. Keep touching lives through the power of the pen. Words are seeds and when rightly and properly planted can influence generations.
    Bless you my princess

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