Smallness in Our Own Eyes

Growing up every other person around me had the capacity to do something or the other incredibly well while I have always been the person who cares excessively. I am the kind of person that when I see somebody do or say something humiliating, I instantly and deeply feel shame for them. I have always doubted what good my ability to feel and care deeply for others does. This was in light of the fact that I didn’t particularly consider my caring nature as a super ability nor a super talent in comparison to that of others. I once had a relative prompt me that “being so caring and charitable is not going to make you good money or successful” and to tell you the truth this demoralized me. First and foremost, I can’t help what I am really like at my core, it not as though there is a switch to kill that sort of thing, and secondly, the statement implied that I wasn’t enough just as I was.

Today I’ve chosen to quit resisting and acknowledge that my talent is my ability to feel profoundly for other individuals and I say this with utmost humility. Once in a while, it’s really hard for me to explain why I jump at the chance to help others when I am asked because in all genuineness ‘It is how I’ve always been.’ You wouldn’t question in the event that you asked a dancer how they know how to move and they said ‘I simply do’ right? That goes for me as well, why should I be embarrassed to state that helpfulness and compassion are my super-abilities? Why can’t I admit that? What I am able to do and who I am is enough in and of itself. After all, Homeland Ghana was founded on the very premise that I like to help others.

We all have abilities, and although some are not considered as terrific as others they are abilities nonetheless. Your life has a reason. All that is within you is there for a reason; to leave a positive mark on the world, and for your own personal development.

You may say to yourself:

“I’m great at helping others.”

“I’m a great organizer.”

“I listen well to others.”

“I give great words of wisdom and consolation”

“I’m inventive.”

Whatever your rundown incorporates, make sure to perceive those things for what they are. Your talents. Don’t take these lightly, your talents are important and good enough. You have an obligation to others, you have an obligation to yourself and in the long run, you would prefer not to have squandered your life. Identify those abilities that you give little significance to and begin to explore them.

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When I asked God to show me my purpose, this is what he revealed to me.

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